HenchMan Hunt
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HenchMan Hunt

Hey, All you UB Funkey Lovers! Ever Wonder What It would Be Like to Join Master Lox? Well Then it`s Time for Henchman Hunt. Hunt, Capture, serve, and Become Mater Lox`s Favorite henchman...Only If UB evil.
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 Please Fill Out this Form If you want to play.

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Master Lox
Master Lox

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Please Fill Out this Form If you want to play. Empty
PostSubject: Please Fill Out this Form If you want to play.   Please Fill Out this Form If you want to play. EmptyTue Apr 27, 2010 6:31 pm

Please Copy and Fill out this form And Put it in your Intro Topic.
Fields With a * Must be Filled Out
*Henchman(red,green,blue,or purple?).,Native,Goya Henchman,Dali Henchman,oni,or Henchman 2.0?:
*Who Is The ruler Of The Henchman(My username):
*Where do you want your Crib(a zone)?
*Starter CC will be an Eye Beam,Neck Extender,Or Eye Light?:

Eye Beam: The User Shoots A Beam Out of Its Eye
Effect: Steals 15 coins
Energies: One

Neck Extender: The User Extends its Neck toward the Opponent and Headbutts The Opponent
Effect: Steals 20 coins
Energies: One

Eye Light: The User Shoots A blinding light Out of its eye, Causing the Opponent to Drop Coins
Effect: Steals 10 coins, Might Confuse the opponent, not letting it move on the next turn.
Energies: One

Available Zones(Cribs):
Lapputta Station
Kelpy Basin
Magma Gorge
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Please Fill Out this Form If you want to play.
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