HenchMan Hunt

Hey, All you UB Funkey Lovers! Ever Wonder What It would Be Like to Join Master Lox? Well Then it`s Time for Henchman Hunt. Hunt, Capture, serve, and Become Mater Lox`s Favorite henchman...Only If UB evil.
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As Long as Funkeys Can remember,
The Heroes Have Always Won.
The Villains have always been defeated.
But Now, It's time for the Bad Guys To rise.
Master Lox's Lackeys have risen up,
and are preparing to Rob the Funkey population to upgrade themselves to full power, to destroy their biggest threat: The Funkey's Cystal Gems.
These Gems Could destroy all the Evil throughout an entire zone on the Funkey's Planet, Terripinia.
But We Can Not Let That Happen.
So As the Army of Robotic Henchman, Fierce Natives, Goya's Ghosts, Dali's Hypnotized Minions, Oni Warriors, and Henchman 2.0, we Must Steal enough money to Find and Destroy these Gems.
This is Henchman Hunt: We-B-Funkey's New Role-Playing Game!

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